Ten New Solutions To Handle The “I Need To Think Of It” Objection

How do you currently handle it once your prospect provides you with the stall, “I have to consider it”? Should you be like most sales representatives, you might provide a wimpy, half-hearted response and after that ask when you’re able to give them a call back. It doesn’t feel too good, should it?
Let’s be honest, whenever you get this objection – or any other stall that resembles it like, “I need to delay until next week/month,” or “I’ll reply it,” – you already know and also I do who’s means your prospect isn’t sold and can not move forward with you. Should you not believe me, just take a look at won/loss rate when you invest in this objection.
The way to handle this, then, would be to handle it when considering up and have your prospect to disclose what’s REALLY holding it. The fact remains, this objection (like numerous) is often just a smokescreen hiding the real objection…
Use some of these rebuttals to obtain your prospect conversing with you, to have these phones reveal what’s really holding it, after which maybe, just maybe, you will have possiblity to close the sale.
“I need to take into consideration it”
Response One:
“_________, obviously there will be something that either doesn’t seem sensible for your requirements, or you have to check on something, I’m not sure. But procrastinating on this won’t assist choose to do this easier. Allow me to inquire this: What proof should i provide you with today that is useful for you, to help you decide?”
Response Two:
“You know ________, whenever someone informs me they must consider it, it’s often since the price isn’t wherever they would like that it is – is a part of what you ought to think of?
[If Yes]
Many thanks for sharing by using me. Let me tell you why we price this how you do, and just what you will get for your pricing…
[Break down each section of your product/service and justify/build value within your price. When done]:
The thing is that _________, you receive that which you spend on with this and then some. Let’s go on and put this to work for you so you can start experiencing and enjoying the benefits today… ”
Response Three:
“__________ I realize that considering it will make sense today, but assist me to be aware of something – precisely what is stopping you from this today?”
Response Four:
“_________ let me ask you: basically could email you at this time testimonials business clients that describe the amount success they’ve had using this type of program, how much of a difference would that produce for you right this moment?”
[Listen carefully here. If it won’t cause them to move forward, then]:
“Then, please, I love learn, what specifically is stopping you moving forward from deciding on this today?”
Response Five:
“_________, while you think about the reasons for either advancing using this or otherwise not, Furthermore, i want you to consider this:
“How much has this been costing you monthly by not receiving it fixed?”
“And inform me, the span of time do you and your team devote to this every week?”
“And what money can you (as well as your company/sales team/family) make if you finally found an answer that worked?”
“And if you think about constantly as well as energy you’ve already spent thinking of this, just how much has THAT amount to so far?”
“And in the event you always procrastinate, what do you think That may cost you?”
“If you went with our solution plus it assisted you, the amount do you save/make?”
“As you will see, still “think about this” did not fix it and contains only amount to time, money as well as! So why right finally Do something positive about this today and starting reaping the rewards today. Some tips about what we have to do… ”
Response Six:
“I recognize that you’re not quite willing to choose this. Beyond curiosity, what factors can you still need consider?”
“And what sort of proof would you should choose to go here?”
“And what else might hold you away from carrying this out with us?”
Response Seven:
“If there is a very important factor that could get you to agree about this today, what might it’s?”
Response Eight:
“__________, generally whenever I tell someone I have to consider it, 1 of 3 things is going on: One: I’m either weighing additional options and even make sure I’m obtaining the best price, or Two: What I’m looking at just doesn’t fit what exactly We need i really wish to keep looking, or Three: It’s money…
“Which of people three things is happening for you right now?”
Response Nine:
“_________, simply how much can be a new customer worth for your requirements?”
[Listen carefully]
“And do you think what we’re referring to here will bring you enough people to no less than purchase this?”
[If No, chances are they aren’t in love with your solution, and you’ll should build more value]
[If Yes]:
“Then there is absolutely no downside to put you and also each additional client will simply make you money. Let’s quickly make this happen: let’s sign you up for your introductory offer, once the truth is how this may cause you lots of bucks, we’ll adjust your subscription to allow you to a lot more… ”
Response Ten:
“________ let me know two things: Why would you NOT make this happen, and why do you Try this beside me?”
[Hit MUTE and allow them to talk… ]
These rebuttals will continue to work in a number of situations if you take the time to modify these to your product or service, and after that make use of them consistently. Ultimately, what you will discover happens when you can get past this smokescreen on the real reason they’re not advancing along with you, then you’ll definitely hold the chance to either build value or clarify something they either hardly understand or misunderstand. As soon as you do that, you’ll finally have a very shot at winning their business.
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